Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My biggest fans.

So this "mothering" thing I have been doing for the last almost 6 years...I admit they haven't all been selfless moments. I have not always been humble.

I swear, it's because of these Kids! They seem just to go with the flow: The Deployment. All of The Moving. Fielding their Loud and extremely opinionated Parents. And all of these Crafts! The countless experiments they have to endure being their Mama's guinea pigs.

But they not only go with the flow, they are just ecstatic. About everything. For example, I have made the ugliest shirts, and Cooper will insist on wearing them hot from the machine. Greggy's initial reaction is always, "that's beautiful".

And while I think I'm a pretty darn good bag maker, I need practice in every other endeavor. My knitting is almost always off, necklines on garments tug in some places, and hems aren't always on level. But somehow, my kiddos don't notice or care...they just know that they love it.

It really blows up a woman's ego, y' know? (*wink*)


Kiddos with their knit hats, made of BFL aran weight yarn. Dyed by Beemer Knits and imperfectly lovingly knit by Me :) . Accidentally made slightly larger, but appreciated perfectly by my Biggest Fans.

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Anonymous Becky said...

Those hats are great! My creations are never perfect, either...perhaps you are your own worst critic, but they see the "true" you!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh, and I'm taking up knitting as well. My coworker is going to show me the basics, so knit and purl here I come. Maybe I'll be a better knitter than I am a sewer. My sewing is extremely novice. But the lobster costume turned out well. :)

9:21 PM  

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