Thursday, February 01, 2007

I think I'm ready now :)

The armwarmers are finished in time for the snow that is predicted tonight...I am trying not to get my hopes up that it will be a pretty snow that will stick around a while. Instead I think a slippery wet snow will come which will undeniably cause havoc in our snow novice DC/VA streets.

I knit the right warmer tightly and the fit was a tad better; I am slowly learning the art of being patient to knit in guage. At times I get distracted and I find myself knitting too loosly, and with the left warmer I can even tell where in the knitting my mind wandered.

I've become a bit of a winter hermit these days, under the covers in my PJs, sipping coffee and reading magazines and craft books. I love winter for this reason; the cold and cozy weather gives me the opportunity to reflect on the things I love, and to plan the grand projects I want to do for the Spring.

I love our home. It is cozy and definitely speaks of what our family is: simple, minimalist, natural, uncluttered. It calms me, and I can dream in it. We move around so often that I have an indescribable relationship with the home as a structure. Though we settle in quickly, love and use the spaces we have lived in, we are almost intent on not identifying the structure itself as "home". Is that funny? We almost have a disconnection from the things we have purchased. With each move (4 times to other states/countries), we have always said, "well, if it get's damaged, it's just stuff right?" I feel that our family union is what makes home, and it can be anywhere.

Speaking of unions, the anniversary quilt is coming along...I am now starting the tedious hand applique of the flowers and leaves. Heaven help me, this will take me a while and I hope to do a little each day. The celebration is in March, do you think I can make it?

The buttons are for the center of the flowers...

And while I should have been doing my end of year inventory...(fabric anyone?) ... I spent my time winding some Inca Organic Yarn for a Magic Yarn Ball Swap on Sewingmamas. So, for my coffee loving, purple coveting and bead hoarding mama, I wound:

Into this:

...though I have to admit that I added more than I originally planned. I had some ribbon and fabric that I just find darling that I thought she would love too. After all, who doesn't love more fabric and ribbon, even if it's just to unwrap?

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Blogger Davina said...

Great armwarmers!!! Love you talking about "home". I want that!
Yarn ball looks fab and I can't wait to see your quilt. I wish I had the patience for quilting.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Christine said...

I love the armwarmers!! They are fabulous!!

11:59 AM  

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